Free delivery for orders over 500PLN
Free delivery for orders over 500PLN

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Zeropoint was founded in 2009 and today we are a global brand and selling our products in Europe, North America, Russia and Asia. When other brands make every effort to increase the functionality with external impact on the materials, we concentrate on using materials that already have it in its raw form.The Nordic countries have a long tradition of nature and environmental issues. For us, untouched nature, clean water and fresh air is for granted. So, we regard it as our heritage to manage and make it one of our core values in our brand and focusing on environmentally conscious choices in terms of materials and production issues, combined with full functionality, simplicity, perfect fit and superior quality.

All athletes, no matter what level, have the right to be the best version of themselves and our products help them to reach their full potential.

We aspire to inform people about our compression products, their benefits and performance enhancement features while inspiring people to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. We are known to have products with a smooth, close fit that’s incredibly comfortable to wear. Designed for all types of sports and activities, both before, during and after.

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